Coronavirus Information

Important Information for more information about Coronavirus.

Omicron is spreading fast, we want to help slow this spread. We have now re-introduced wearing masks while seated or moving around our venues. You do not have to wear a mask if you are dancing.

We ask that you do not attend if you are feeling unwell with any coronavirus symptoms. Get a test, Get Vaccinated & Keep Safe!

Get tested twice a week and if you're showing symptoms you must and should self isolate.

Coronavirus Policy
Helping to keep you safe.

Please read this information before attending a lesson/class:

- Please remain vigilant with hand washing and use the sanitiser provided before and after your lesson.

- Keep social contact to a minimum in the waiting areas and we would advise to continue wearing a face covering unless exempt on entering and exiting the studio.

- Whilst dancing solo, you no longer need to wear a mask but we would like you to consider wearing a face covering whilst dancing with your teacher. The welfare of our students is of upmost importance and we will continue to wear our masks to protect you.

- We will continue to monitor temperatures on arrival but ask that you do not attend if you are feeling at all unwell.

- All surfaces will continue to be disinfected in between lessons to avoid the spread of the virus.

- We will continue to operate a one way system in and out of the hall, please enter via the maintenance and exit via the fire exit.

- We are pleased to say that we can now allow parents to watch their children during lessons but we would very much appreciate it if you would continue to be mindful of others and keep a safe distance in the waiting area.

- During group classes, please can we ask parents for the time being to remain outside or return at the end to collect their child.

- We appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with the easing of restrictions and we will continue with a cautious approach when teaching.
Solo learning will still play a part in your lessons.

As a small business we are trying to avoid any unnecessary closure and we appreciate your cooperation.

Many thanks
Michelle, Crystal, Jemma

Now let’s get dancing!!!!